Abstrack Motion

Columbus Invitational Arts Competition
Performing Arts Division


Based in Central Ohio Abstrack Motion is a contemporary ballet infused dance company, comprised of young and experienced dance technicians. Members in the company are versed in the street vernacular of dance and are equally strong in a variety of other trained styles such as modern, ballet, jazz etc. This young talented group of performers contrasts rigorous partnering and athletic movement with authentic human content to create an emotionally moving repertoire, both aesthetically beautiful and physically demanding. Through their art, they seek to take a stand on political issues ranging from animal rights and healthcare reform, to AIDS awareness, and other issues troubling our youth in society.


The vision of the company is to challenge stereotypes by redefine what it means to be young and an artist in our society, to enrich communities through developing new outlooks on the arts, to create an outlet for youth to have their voices heard and to bridge the gap between the various types of arts.