Balagula Theatre

Columbus Invitational Arts Competition
Performing Arts Division


The Balagula Theatre Company is an award winning Lexington drama theatre that showcases leading theatre artists in professional quality productions.

We explore every play within a broad social context and consider its relevance to contemporary audiences. We chose material of high literary quality and rich emotional, intellectual and cultural content. The Balagula Theatre’s capacity to deliver meaning, entertainment and a shared experience makes each production both a community event and a way to build communities.

Our approach to growth is expressed in partnerships and cross marketing. We create temporary partnerships with various non-profit groups to introduce them to our audiences and our theatre to their constituencies by offering them a share of ticket sales and a place to present their organizations in exchange for their marketing support. This approach has proven to be successful, received praise from partners and was featured in the media ("Business Lexington") as an example of innovative approach to operating in the unfavorable economic environment. In addition, we believe that crossing medium boundaries is important to supporting Lexington's cultural environment. Each production is accompanied by a visual art exhibit that is relevant to the play's content. Partnering with Lexington's visual artists strengthens the artistic community and Lexington's brand of an artistic city.


We aspire to contribute to the advancement and preservation of theatre as an art form while delivering intelligent, innovative and inspiring theatre to audiences in Kentucky and beyond through: distinctive and ambitious artistic programming; commitment to artists; intellectual and social relevance; continuous education; and our capacity to engage audiences.


The Balagula Theatre mounts productions of modern classics and new plays that challenge both participating artists and audiences by enticing their imagination and skill, forms of expression and limits of perceptions. We distinguish between tradition and convention; and aim to develop a unique point of view worthy of artists’ engagement, audiences’ attention and community’s resources. We strive for artistic excellence by upholding professional standards in every aspect of our productions. Our commitment to artists is expressed through stimulating and nurturing creative excitement and mutual enrichment; and through rewarding artists financially.