Billy Two Shoes

Columbus Invitational Arts Competition
Performing Arts Division


Formed in Columbus, Ohio by James Gettles and Jason Cowans, Billy Two Shoes initially took shape from a personal challenge to record a full length album in a weekend, just to see if it could be done. Out of that weekend, two things emerged; the first, Billy Two Shoes' album "Appalachian Memoirs", a collection of uniquely Ohio based Americana with a twist. The second, the decision that any sales and profits of Billy Two Shoes music would go to help feedin’ folks back home. James and Jason have roots in two areas of Appalachia (Gallia County, Ohio and Logan, WV) that have always had trouble finding money to help feed the needy. They decided that they'd lend a hand, and began the experiment in giving that is Billy Two Shoes.


Billy Two Shoes is a musical project dedicated to helpin' feed folks. We currently send donations to food pantries in Gallia County Ohio, Logan West Virginia, Mahoning County Ohio, Zanesville Ohio and Manchester Kentucky. All dollars collected through donations or the purchase of a Billy record are sent down to the food pantries in these areas to help feed a few folks. Billy Two Shoes have sent $30,000 since we started in 2008.