Harmony on the Southside

Columbus Invitational Arts Competition
Performing Arts Division
South Side


Harmony on the Southside is a community outreach venture of the Community Development for All People Corporation, an organization which works to improve the economic and social conditions of the Southside Columbus community. We seek to create positive community identity and improve the quality of life for Columbus Southside residents by providing music and opportunities to make music throughout the community.


To provide opportunities to experience, learn and make the arts, especially to those who have limited access or are marginalized in our community. We bring the arts directly to low income people, our music has a positive message intended to create "harmony" in the community. We:
  • Perform music that is uplifting, positive, fun and interactive in venues throughout the Southside and Downtown Columbus.
  • Present music and musicians that cross ethnic and cultural boundaries to demonstrate multicultural harmony.
  • Use arts events to create a sense of positive community identity and goodwill.
  • Support and highlight positive efforts and events in the community, such as new small businesses, health screenings, immunization drives, community associations, and voter registration.
  • Mentor aspiring musicians in the community, including children and youth.
  • Help children, youth and adults discover the joy of experiencing and making art.


UM Church For All People Music Ministry, Community Concerts, Open Mic, Voice and Guitar lessons, Arts Encounters