Urban Cultural Arts Foundation

Columbus Invitational Arts Competition
Visual Arts Division
Olde Towne East /African Village


The Urban Cultural Arts Foundation’s William H. Thomas Gallery is the oldest continuously operated Columbus gallery focused around local African American artists. With a thirty year history, it has played a key role in the careers of many of the respected elders of the arts community, including Aminah Robinson, Pheoris West, Smoky Brown, Roman Johnson, Barbara Chavous and many others. In addition to its exhibitions, the Foundation also sponsors a number of cultural and community events and initiatives, including the African Village Festival. It is represented by sculptor Omar Shaheed, woodcarver Chief Shongo Obadina (working in collaboration with painter Benjamin Crumpler), and painter Richard Duarte Brown.


The Urban Cultural Arts Foundation was created and sustained by the people of the community to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences by providing venues for the visual and performing arts and also a wide range of professionally excellent and artistically significant presentations. We also serve as a resource and gathering place for the community-at-large. Our main mission is to be a resource for the entire community. We believe the arts to be of primary importance to the survival of the community and to the health of its society. Our purpose is to get people to realize that art is not just entertainment; not just a luxury; not just a pleasant pastime; and not just a gratification or activity for the elite. We believe experience of art allows us to participate in the universal creative process, open hearts and minds, awaken feelings, and bring delight and joy.We present a wide mix of high-quality events, including community art shows, dance performances, plays, children’s works


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